Decarbonizing Scopes 1, 2, 3

Planning – Partnering across organizational stakeholders to define goals and a realistic approach.

Benchmarking – Gathering, analyzing, and leveraging data organization-wide to drive efforts.

Solution Development – Facility auditing, fleet studies, supply chain analysis, and life cycle analyses to identify options, costs, & benefits.

Solution Implementation – Design, financing, contracting, and commissioning of beneficial, cost-effective solutions.

WESEE offers a unique mix of experience and expertise in solutions for decarbonization. This allows provision of high value services for any or all phases of planning and solution implementation across Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. WESEE offers a flexible approach as a solutions provider, partnering with clients at any or all stages of an iterative process for decarbonization. WESEE’s expertise allows for development of a comprehensive approach to mesh decarbonization across thermal, electric, transport, and supply chain activities (Scope 1, 2, &3).

WESEE is able to offer financing of decarbonization projects where desired by Clients. This is similar to a PPA for heat or energy as a service. While this is not for all Clients, it can be a useful option for decarbonization if capital budgets are not easily deployed to meet greenhouse gas goals.

WESEE has unique experience among energy solutions providers in decarbonization of Scope 1 emissions for thermal energy. Please review our Thermal Decarbonization information, and consider our Heat Stack Analysis for your facility.

Wilson Energy Services Iterative Approach to Decarbonization

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