RECs and Offsets

WESEE has a deep understanding of the values and markets for Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets for a wide range of energy systems and project types. This understanding and experience is key for clients in unlocking the value of projects to make them financially viable while providing GHG benefits.

WESEE has a unique specialization in renewable thermal energy credits and metering systems for renewable thermal energy.

Our experienced team can help you evaluate your project’s potential, qualify your project as a REC generator, and market your credits for renewable thermal energy applications. If you are considering renewable systems for tacking thermal energy, our experience deployed upfront can help you maximize your project’s impact and value. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Quantify the amount of credits you could generate
• Identify regulatory and technical requirements that must be met
• Complete and submit paperwork and qualification applications
• Aggregate and market your credits
• Ensure that you as the project owner receive maximum value for your
investment, while helping achieve renewable energy supply goals

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