MOSAIC Data Tracking

MOSAIC is a simple and inexpensive data collection and dashboard system to meet your facility’s data collection, storage, and display needs. 

The goal of this system is to be inexpensive, effective, and reliable for customers that want to be able to track, store, and display data for projects without the hassle and issues associated with a complex building management system (BMS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

Typical applications are renewable energy systems, energy efficiency projects, remote process control and monitoring, electrical submetering, water use tracking, REC tracking, and M&V.

MOSAIC is used at facilities that:

  • Want a simple, secure, and easy to use system for process or energy monitoring and data logging, as opposed to a complex SCADA or BMS
  • Already have a complex BMS or SCADA system, but are having data storage reliability, accessibility, or security issues
  • Already have a complex BMS or SCADA system, but for a new project/initiative, the facility doesn’t want the accessibility issues, data format problems, inflexibility, contracting hassle, and expense of dealing with their overarching controls system
  • Have a need for simple data logging for renewable energy credit, carbon offset, or Measurement & Verification (M&V) compliance and reporting

WESEE has worked with hundreds of clients on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and industrial process projects.  Over these many projects, clients have consistently identified a need for simple energy or process monitoring and data collection systems.  Many times these clients have integrated and dedicated BMS or SCADA systems.  These existing systems are often proprietary and/or carry a significant expense for modification to allow simple data acquisition and display to key stakeholders or the public.  Additionally, many of these BMS or SCADA systems have backend data collection systems that are cumbersome to deal with, contractors are unfamiliar with using, and/or that are not suited to allowing data export easily or in useful format.  WESEE often finds that facilities often are not able to unlock a major portion of the value of their BMS or SCADA system due to the inflexibility and lack of usefulness associated with data logging, data loss, trending, or access to logged data in a useful format. Many facilities may have no control systems at all, and no desire to own and operate one.

Based on past and ongoing work, WESEE has consistently seen a need for a simple data monitoring system that can provide and display logged data that is easy to access and in an easy format for facility staff to use to analyze key system performance metrics.  WESEE has developed a simple package that is easily customizable, and can provide the following features and more in an easily accessible format. 

  • Data collection in a simple package that can accept input from a wide variety of sources: Modbus, BACnet, analog, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, and more
  • Simple development of interactive dashboards for energy, water, or other system monitoring
  • Simple access to data through either a secure cloud server, public website, internal network, individual onsite HMI, onsite server, or even a thumb drive
    • Access to data can be provided onsite through methods as simple and inexpensive as a thumb drive, or an onsite HMI
    • Sites without internet access or with complex IT systems that make connection challenging can transmit data through a dedicated cellular data plan
  • Collected data is available in simple and easy to manipulate formats (Excel files, text files, etc.)
    • Easy access to data in useful formats for:
      • System performance monitoring and tracking
      • Independent monitoring of renewable energy systems for REC production, carbon offset reporting, or M&V

What companies typically might want to use WESEE’s data collection system and dashboard?

  • Universities, hospitals, school districts, large industrial plants
    • This system can be external to complex, antiquated, and difficult to utilize BMS or SCADA systems, which allows ease of access to non-sensitive data for staff, students, the public, independent monitors for Renewable Energy Credit or Carbon Offset generation, or other key stakeholders.
  • Energy system providers
    • Installers or manufacturers of energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment that want to track system performance or monitor key operating parameters for installed systems.
      • Solar, geothermal, heat pump, anaerobic digesters, biomass boilers, gas engines, thermal chillers, CHP systems, etc.
  • Non Profits / NGOs
    • Entities that want to display data to the public for renewable energy projects, clean drinking water projects in remote areas, and other public good projects

The Process

MOSAIC is customizable to the owner’s needs. WESEE’s technical experts will partner with your facility’s staff to understand the project goals, and provide a simple customized package that will meet your project needs.  Please feel free to give us a call, or submit a request for information in the following form.

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